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Davenport Motorsports SC800 Camaro On HRE Forged Wheels

March 1st, 2012

Davenport Motorsports in Canada continues to impress us with each project it takes on, basically setting the bar of excellence higher with each vehicle it builds. The latest American machine is no different, appropriately named the SC800 Camaro for the 800-horsepower dyno runs the Davenport crew expects it to make once the tuning is completed, which is no easy feat and certainly can't happen by slapping on a few simple bolt-on parts.

The car started its life as a bone-stock 2012 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro Convertible and soon was transformed into a beast that rivals supercar performance thanks to a hefty list of modifications kicking off with stroking out the original motor to a 427-cubic-inch displacement. Filling the cylinder bores are Callies forged pistons bolted to Callies forged rods and topping the 427 are Lingenfelter heads with a GT9 camshaft signaling the upgraded valvetrain. From intake to exhaust the car’s airflow was freed up, although the biggest boost comes from a special edition red Magnusson TVS2300 Supercharger.

Putting down that much power is useless without the proper suspension to back it up, so they made a call to Aaron at Pfadt Race Engineering to get a complete suspension setup that includes 20-way adjustable coilovers, beefier anti-sway bars and an entire aluminum bushing kit to firm up the car by ridding the suspension of excessive movement.

Baer provided a heavily needed six-piston caliper brake upgrade and larger rotors to slow down the Camaro from high speeds the 800-horsepower power plant gets to in a hurry. The brakes can easily be overlooked since they are hidden behind a gorgeous set of satin black HRE P45S's. The staggered fitment runs 20x9 P45S monoblok wheels on the front while 20x11 HREs occupy the rear fenders.

After a bit of tuning, all of which was performed completely in-house by Davenport Motorsports, the final numbers ended up at to 660 RWHP and 675 ft-lbs of torque. That works out to 776 flywheel hp and 794 ft/lbs of torque. Now those are some serious numbers... Word on the street is that the Davenport team is planning to re-tune for 800 horsepower once the motor is broken in. Incredible job fellas. Keep them coming.


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