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COVID-19 Update

March 12th, 2020

      As everyone is aware, the situation around COVID-19 is changing rapidly. At HRE we are monitoring the situation closely and have done a risk assessment with regards to how it may affect not just HRE’s business, but you as dealers and customers, as well as how it may affect our team here at HRE. We have plans in place for actions we will take depending on how the situation progresses.


        Currently, HRE is experiencing no delays due to COVID-19. We have no supply issues. We have no production issues. Lead-times are currently increasing a little bit but that is due to an increased volume of sales and is normal. However, we know that “normal” can change any minute into something that is anything but normal. Local schools around us are closing. All events and travel are being canceled. We too have put on hold all travel and attendance at events. We apologize for the lack of direct contact we will have with our customers, but I hope that everyone understands. 


        If the spread of COVID-19 continues to worsen, we have plans in place for staff working from home, but this is difficult for our forged wheel production. Know that we will do everything we can to ensure the continued customer service you expect from HRE, but that I have to put the safety of our staff above all else and to also do our part to ensure we are minimizing the spread of the virus in our community. If this means that HRE has to shut down production for a short period of time, we will try to give everyone as much notice as possible, so that the effects of our disruption are minimized to you as dealers and customers.


        For the time being, any events we were scheduled to attend within the next 6 weeks have been canceled. Our annual Open House is currently scheduled for June 6th. We are watching this closely in case we need to make a decision to delay or cancel this event as well, and we will make a final decision in the coming weeks.


    This is a difficult time for all. I think it is very prudent for all of us to take the situation seriously and to do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19 to our friends, loved ones, and in our communities.




Alan Peltier



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