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V3LLUM, New Site For Design Fanatics Debuts

August 18th, 2015

Throughout history, when someone had something important to write, something they wanted to last and live on, they didn’t put it on paper, they put it on vellum. Vellum is the medium that artists and engineers once used to design things and it was the conduit by which the creator's ideas reached an audience. Technology has changed, and the world has largely moved on, but there are still people who care about great design and V3LLUM is a place where artists, craftsmen, engineers, dreamers, and makers can share their stories. It is also where those obsessed with design and detail can experience those timeless ideas and cutting edge craft coming together - in automobiles, aircraft, furniture, architecture, even food and drink.

 “From the iconic shape of a Porsche 911 to the classic details of a Leica M Rangefinder, I love timeless design both as an engineer and as an enthusiast, but there has never been a place where I could learn the backstory behind the creations,” said Alan Peltier, one of the minds behind V3LLUM and the President of HRE Wheels. “V3LLUM is a place for us to share the mindset and motivation that led to the beautiful cars, architecture, furniture or anything we enjoy, and to explore what makes them so successful. We’re excited to share this with the world.”

 V3llum transcends the normal design site – it is a digital magazine created by designers, engineers and armchair architects to share the stories of the men and women who make everyday objects beautiful. It encourages the reader to engage and participate in the culture of design, rather than just consume it.

 V3LLUM, which began as a passion project for the designers and engineers at iconic automotive brand HRE, launches with a diverse collection of stories on everything from the Bugatti family and automotive icons Camilo Pardo and Valentino Balboni to a look at both the latest and most iconic pieces of architecture in Los Angeles. It will continue to grow and expand as writers seek out the newest and most interesting stories in the world of design. V3LLUM will also take the time to look back and examine some of the most important pieces of architecture, automotive design, and product design throughout modern history and explore what makes them great. To read stories, watch videos and slake your thirst for quality design, visit or check out V3LLUM  on Facebook, Instagram and Kinja.


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